Hoosier Stories

“My son, Jakai, received his autism diagnosis a little over a year ago. He was living in a shell that he would rarely come out from. Once we began ABA therapy, I really started to see that early intervention really is key. In just four months, ABA therapy is helping my son become more comfortable outside his shell and opened our family’s eyes to new possibilities.”

– Deaidra Pullin | Anderson, Indiana

“As a parent of a child with autism, I am very concerned about how a potential cut to Medicaid reimbursement rates will affect our family. My son’s participation in ABA therapy also allows me to keep my career as a special education teacher. Without ABA therapy, I would likely not be able to have a full-time job since after care programs do not offer services for children with special needs. A rate cut to Medicaid reimbursement will reduce quality healthcare for the most vulnerable and at-risk children.”

– Christina Snider

“I can credit ABA therapy for saving my son’s life. It gave him the necessary tools to cope with the world around him. Before ABA therapy, my son was violent and aggressive to himself and those around him. I worried about his future and our family. Now, he is a well-adjusted 20-year-old with many challenges but no violence to speak of. I will always work to protect access to ABA therapy for other families who have similar challenges and who deserve the hope that ABA brought my family.” 

– Donna Cox | South Bend, Indiana

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