Indiana ACT for Families

Stands Behind a High Standard of Care

The Five Cs

1. Candor and Integrity

  • Following through on obligations and commitments
  • Leading with honesty and openness regarding clients’ therapy plan and other services
  • Providing clients and families with transparent information to make informed choices about therapy options

2. Client-first Care

  • Protecting the welfare and rights of clients above all others
  • Focusing on the short- and long-term effects of therapy interventions
  • Effectively and respectfully collaborating with families and clients and always placing clients’ interests first
  • Tailoring therapy to each client and closely tracking their progress and milestones with data 

3. Compassion and Respect

  • Treating others equitably regardless of any identifying factors such as age, race, or religion.
  • Respecting people’s privacy and confidentiality
  • Acknowledging and celebrating clients’ individuality and unlimited potential

4. Clinical Excellence

  • Requiring the highest standard of ability from ABA therapists and other staff
  • Remaining knowledgeable about modern interventions and the evolution of therapy
  • Implementing extensive training for all technicians to maintain a high quality of care
  • Working to continually increase skills and knowledge to better serve clients and their families
  • Using therapy methods that focus on positive reinforcement to help clients build and learn new skills
  • Aiming to limit duration of service and prepare clients for real-world settings like school

5. Conserving Access to Care

  • Helping families acquire necessary coverage for therapy services 
  • Supporting and advocating on behalf of families who rely on Medicaid for access to therapy
  • Maintaining transparency about rates charged for therapy
  • Working to maintain a qualified and robust staff of therapists and technicians
  • Ensuring the early time window of opportunity for ABA therapy is met for children in need
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