Updated Medicaid Rate for Autism Therapy Shows Callous Disregard by The Holcomb Administration for Hoosier Families and Children with Autism

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Today, the Indiana ACT for Families coalition condemns the updated Medicaid reimbursement rate for Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy proposed by the Holcomb administration’s Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA). This new rate strips away access for thousands of Hoosier children and ignores bipartisan calls for a fair and sustainable reimbursement rate.

“This updated rate is a slap in the face to every Hoosier parent who relies on ABA therapy to treat their children who have autism. It will create a two-tiered system where kids relying on Medicaid receive lower quality care.” – Jill Norton | Noblesville, IN

Despite receiving more than 700 comments from parents, therapists, and providers concerned about the original rate proposal, Governor Holcomb’s team has put forward an updated rate that remains materially less than the state’s own cost survey. If enacted, this rate will force significant center closures across the state – reducing access for thousands of Hoosier families.

“They ignored their own data. They ignored parents. They ignored therapists and providers. They don’t care about us.” – Rachel Short | Indianapolis, IN

“Governor Holcomb is allowing number crunchers, consultants, and  bureaucrats to make decisions that will negatively impact thousands of Hoosier families and kids.” – Angie Edwards | McCordsville, IN

The Holcomb administration’s updated proposal blatantly ignores the spirit of the letter he received last month from a group of more than 40 bipartisan legislators who asked to “work with your [Governor Holcomb’s] administration to reach a collaborative decision on the shared goal of standardizing these reimbursement rates for ABA.”

This callous decision will force many centers to close, leaving thousands of Hoosier families stranded and desperate to find the care required for their children who have autism to live a normal life. This will also lead to significantly higher costs for the state in the long run. We ask that Governor Holcomb direct FSSA to reconsider the cuts and have a fulsome discussion with the thousands of Hoosier families who will feel this detrimental impact to come to a reasonable, transparent rate agreement that is fair for all stakeholders.

“Children with autism are not just a number. Hoosiers deserve better. The fight is just beginning.” – Kim Regnier | Lafayette, IN


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